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Posted by emel on March 15, 2013 at 6:40 PM

There are a variety of types of websites to gain a profile backlink from. They consist of blogs, forums, social medias, web directories, referral networks, common interest sites and more. While there is a potential for spam, there is no reason to believe that if one contibutes in a meaningful way to the site they wouldn't be rewarded. Through business participation of websites like these, search engines may even be able to decipher quality of the business (to a certain extent) based on their input, number of followers, thumbed responses, +1's etc. Below are some of my favorite websites that have profile backlinks.

While this first site isn't a blog site at all, most of the activity and backlinks to your profile occurs there. Here you will find a SEOmoz user profile. Although most of the links are nofollow, the nofollow attribute is removed from one once a point level is reached. SEOmoz is a prominent domain and the activity required can generate significant link juice to your profile. It is difficult to find a website where the profile page is indexed as often. If your curious as to how mozpoint works, feel free to click here.

It is pretty easy to find a high trafficked forum that is related to your industry. Often times, one would be able to contibute to a post with minimal time and effort. Usually, it is answering question about your field that you come across on a daily basis. Forum posts can be one of the fasted ways to build backlinks. Search engines realize that some can contain spam. It is important to complete profiles and contribute to the website. It is also preferred that the forum relates to your search keywords. Here is an example of a air conditioning contractor's profile on HVACSite, an air conditioning forum.

Social medias are one of the more common and known websites that have user profiles. Most of them are all nofollow links but I could only assume that a significant amount of activity would be required. I do believe some social medias, even less known, can provide some good link juice. One of them is Shoutlife and where you can create a profile.

Many web directories have a profile page as well, often times it is the listing detail page. While the link juice generated wildly varies, often times these pages will stay indexed if some unique content or description exists. If the description is copied off another, this page may likely not be indexed.

Referral networks are another way to receive online citations. Many of these sites hide content from search engines because they wouldn't want the browser to find a business without having to go through the referrer. On occasion, referral networks will allow a browser to view company information but rarely provide a web link. I believe that the citation is still beneficial because phone numbers, names and addresses would be identifiable. Here is a Homeadvisor screened professional.

I wasn't quite sure what to define the final category other than a shared interests website. My example is for a government home energy professional website. Here, professionals like air conditioning contractors can trade ideas with energy raters to work towards home efficiency solutions.

With all this opportunity, it seems like it would be easy to spend too much time contributing to the web. I think the best idea would be to start with one and contribute as you can before picking up additional sources. Often times an office could share the posts, blog commenting etc. to reach the goal faster.

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